Community Revitalization Project in Tabayama Village, Yamanashi Prefecture


Year Started 2007
Name of Project Leader Ms. Tanaka Mizue
Project Description
  • The project aims to help revitalize the village from its problem of unmanaged forests and abandoned farmlands due to village`s aging population. The Tabayama Village is a watershed area located near Okutama Lake, a water catchment that supplies the water demand of Tokyo. In collaboration with the Tokyo based companies like Summit Co. Ltd and Tokyu Hotel Co. Ltd, OISCA is spearheading the thinning of the 15 hectares forest and maintenance of the abandoned land for sustainable management. To encourage interaction among the locals and people living outside the village, small villas were built with a space to do small-scale farming. So far, more than 100 city dwellers have stayed in the villas and interacted with the locals. 
Project Location Tabayama Village, Yamanashi Prefecture