Mangrove Reforestation Project in Thailand


Year Started 1999
Name of Chairman Mr. Ari Choangulia
  • Planting of mangrove propagules along the coastal areas of Ranong Province to rehabilitate vegetation which is damaged after felling of trees to meet the needs of the growing population. The problem is aggravated by the poor waste disposal that inhibited the natural regeneration of the remaining mangroves. 
  • Involving the locals and other stakeholders of the project, seminars and workshops are organized in the OISCA Mangrove Center. Such activities are organized to emphasize among the participants their roles and responsibilities to the project; and discuss the issues and problems that need to be addressed to further improve the project.  
Project Impact
  • With a survival rate of 86%, OISCA helped in increasing the percentage and thus restoring the former condition of mangrove vegetation in Thailand. 
  • Increase of awareness in terms of environmental conservation and protection among the locals and other stakeholders of the project. 
Number of Hectares  1,622 Hectares 
Project Location  Ranong Province, Thailand