Mt. Fuji Reforestation Project


Year Started 2005
Name of Coordinator Ms. Tanaka Mizue
  • OISCA is leading the Mt. Fuji Nature Restoration Council, a committee that comprises a number of researchers, funding agencies and government officials of Yamanashi Prefecture to plant broad-leaf and indigenous species of trees in Mt. Fuji. 
  • The species of Fagus crenata, Quecus crispula, Prunus jamasakura, Alnus japonica and Acer mono  are planted in the portion of 100 hectares of artificially regenerated forests damaged by moths. According to the forests experts, the monoculture way of planting made the 60 years old Abies veitchii or locally known as shirabe susceptible to insect infestation. 
  • Biodegradable wood-guards are used to protect the planted seedlings from wild deer and extreme weather condition especially in winter. As the wood-guards are gradually degrading, OISCA is spearheading to put nets in every planted seedling with the support of the committee members and other volunteers. 
Project Impact
  • In collaboration with the members of the council, OISCA has spearheaded the planting of 38,600 seedlings in the 38 hectares of land located at the 1,500-1,500 meter altitude in the northern foothills of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture.
  • The project guarantees the restoration and conservation of Mt. Fuji`s biodiversity. 
Number of Hectares  40 Hectares 
Project Location Narusawa Village, Minami Tsurugun, Yamanashi Prefecture