Where is OISCA - Indonesia - Reforestation Project in Sukabumi, Indonesia 


Reforestation Project in Sukabumi, Indonesia


Year Started 2005
Name of Coordinator Mr. Nakagaki Yutaka 
  • Planting of several species of trees including Acacia mangium, Toona sureni, Albazia falcataria, avocado, damar trees to restore into its former state the community forest of Pelabuhan Ratu and Kadudampit area.
  • Conducting of workshops and seminars to encourage the active participation of the people, thereby promoting a strong sense of ownership thus ensures project sustainability beyond funding.
  • With the assistance of Japanese private companies, infrastructures like bridge, schools and drainage system were built and reconstructed.
Project Impact
  • In collaboration with the different companies, community people and the Gunung Gedepangrango National Park, a total of 295 hectares of dwindled forests are gradually recovering after the annual reforestation activities. For another five years, OISCA is targeting to reforest another 50 hectares through the support of Mitsubishi Corporation. 
Number of Hectares  295 Hectares 
Project Location  Kadudampit and Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi Regency, West Java