Where is OISCA - Indonesia - Mangrove Reforestation Project in Indonesia 


Mangrove Reforestation Project in Indonesia


Year Started 1999
Name of Coordinator Mr. Nakagaki Yutaka
  • Restoration of mangrove forests damaged because of felling of trees to make ponds for shrimp farming. 
  • Organization of seminars and workshops involving the local residents of the communities where the projects are located. These seminars focus on the importance of the conservation and protection of mangroves for the daily lives of the residents. 
Project Impact
  • Supported by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. and in collaboration with the local government and villagers, a total of 2,230 hectares were replanted with various species of mangroves. It started in 1999 along the northern coastlines of Java Island  and continues to expand along the south shores of Madura Island. 
  • As the mangrove forests are gradually recovering, OISCA is encouraging the residents of Pemalang Regency to grow and culture crabs in between the mangrove planting site so as to help them gain their income. 
  • The declaration of the planting site as an education and ecotourism destination by the government of Pemalang is a good manifestation that the project is highly recognized by the government. 
Number of Hectares 2,230 Hectares 
Project Location Indramayu, Pemalang, Demak, Jepara, Pati and Madura Island