Where is OISCA - Fiji - Coral Reef Restoration Project in Fiji 


Coral Reef Restoration Project in Fiji


Year Started 2002
Name of Coordinators Mr. Kazu Shimizu, Ms.Jocelyn Matunhay, and Mr. Tevita Dakia
  • OISCA is working closely with the villagers, local officials and community based organizations to restore and rehabilitate the damaged coral reefs of Ra Province and Coral Coast.
  • OISCA is spearheading workshops and environmental awareness campaigns to strengthen communities, raise awareness and involve them in the protection of the coral reefs.
  • OISCA is now coordinating with the Fisheries Department of Fiji to introduce how to culture giant clams and other bivalves to help restore the natural condition of the marine ecosystem so as to support the daily life of the people. 
Project Impact
  • With the assistance of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, about 40,000 corals nurtured in OISCA nurseries were transplanted into the 38 sites.
  • Almost all the OISCA coral sites were declared as marine sanctuary by the local government officers of the villages.
Number of Sites 38 Sites
Project Location  Coral Coast Area & Ra province in Viti Levu Island