Where is OISCA - Philippines - OISCA Eco-Tech International School 


OISCA Eco-Tech International School


Year Started 1997
Name of Director Mr. Namio Ikeda
  • It offers short-term (one-month) and long-term (ten months-one year) training among the youths from the nearby towns, students from agricultural universities of the Philippines and students from Japan.
  • The students and trainees learn and develop skills in vegetable cultivation, reforestation and promoting local industries. The local industries include handicraft making, papermaking and weaving which lead to the development of micro-enterprises. Part also of the program is fish and crab culturing in brackish water planted with mangroves.
  • Provision of information and technology for integrated community and human resources development implemented by Dipolog Agro-Forest Training Center; and the successful recovery of the mangrove vegetation and aqua-forest culture supported by the Dapitan Aqua-Forest Project. 
Project Impact
  • The graduates of the training courses are expected to return to their own respective communities to be leaders and help in the development of their villages.
Training Center Location Bacoyong Pinan, Zamboanga del Norte