OISCA Shikoku Training Center


Year Started 1968
Name of Director  Mr. Mandai Yasuo
  • It offers intensive short-term (3 months) and long-term (12 months) training courses in home economics management, including proper food preparation, food processing, dress making and agricultural training.
  • First hand insights and skills are acquired within the authentic rural setting under the guidance of instructors. Trainees can have the opportunity to learn technologies that fit the local industries operating in their home countries.
Project Impact
  • The training is helping on the promotion of gender empowerment among the women of the countries from Asia and the Pacific. 
  • The graduates of the training courses are expected to return to their own respective communities to be leaders and help in the development of their villages.
Number of Training Graduates 723 Training Graduates 
Training Center Location Sue 5179, Ayagawa-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa Prefecture