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OISCA Fiji Agro-Forestry Development Project


Year Started 1990
Name of Director Mr. Kazu Shimizu
  • Under the guidance of the agriculture experts and OISCA staff, the privileged youths undergo training in the 11.7 hectare land utilized for the organic cultivation of crops, animal husbandry, bee keeping and compost making. The importance of proper waste management and discipline are emphasized in the training program.
Project Impact
  • The project is promoting an integrated and holistic approach towards nation building through the provision of agricultural training to young people in Fiji within the framework of the Fiji`s Government`s human development program. 
  • It enhances every youth trainee`s capacity especially in rural communities where they play significant roles in sustainable development.
Number of Training Graduates  600 Training Graduates  
Training Center Location  Sigatoka, Fiji Islands
Counterpart Agency  Ministry of Youth and Sports