OISCA International to Establish the 26th OISCA Chapter in Middle East

Feb 2, 2012

Through the official letter signed by Secretary-General Yasuaki Nagaishi on the 30th of January, OISCA-United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now declared as the 26th national chapter of OISCA International.

OISCA-UAE Chapter based in Sharjah has 22 members comprising Arab and Indian Nationals. It was organized through the initiative of Mr. K. Chandra Sen (Chapter President of OISCA-UAE), an Indian national based in UAE and with the support and guidance of Mr. Aravind Babu, Secretary-General of OISCA South India Chapter.

The plan of establishing OISCA Chapter in UAE was proposed and discussed by Mr. Sen among the members and representatives of the different OISCA Chapters who attended the last Conference on Biodiversity Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development organized by OISCA Headquarters in the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center on October 5 to 6 in Tokyo, Japan.

With an objective of upholding a vision of humanity living in dignity, respecting the cultural diversity, working in solidarity and coexisting in harmony with Earth`s ecosystem for the well-being of present and future generations, OISCA-UAE is the newest chapter of OISCA-International.