What is OISCA - Recent News - 2017 Activity Plan for Coastal Forest Restoration Project in Natori 


2017 Activity Plan for Coastal Forest Restoration Project in Natori

Feb 7, 2017

2017 marks the 7th year since the start of the Coastal Forest Restoration Project in Natori City few months after the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster. This year, OISCA, in close cooperation with the Association for the Restoration of Coastal Forest in Natori City, a group comprising the disaster-affected local residents, are maintaining the 190,000 seedlings planted in 37 hectares. In spring this year, we will be planting a total of 70,000 seedlings in 13.66 hectares. With this, we will be maintaining a total of 260,000 seedlings in 50.66 hectares’ land and keep on creating job opportunities and help in the disaster recovery. 

As per agreed with the Japanese National Government, Prefectural Government of Miyagi and the City Government of Natori, OISCA will carry out the project on the site covering about 100 hectares. It excludes zones for the conservation of biodiversity, strip roads, anti-wind fences and embankment. Since the start of the annual tree planting activities, 75% of the planting work will be finished in Fiscal Year 2017 (April 2017- March 2018). With planted seedlings survival rate of more than 98%, the project is rated as making a far faster progress compared to the other disaster-hit areas. 

Just like the previous years, seed sowing and planting will kick-off in mid-March and will continue until April. In mid-May, the 4th tree-planting ceremony will be organized with the participation of about 500 people including local residents from Natori City and other areas of Miyagi Prefecture. This year, we plan to accept 2,000 volunteers from the different parts of Japan mainly from June through September to help in the maintenance of the project site. We consider that the nurturing after planting and the removal of weeds such as the arrowroots and Robina pseudoacacia will help contribute to the future growth of the seedlings. 

After more than 5 years of the formal project announcement, the accumulated amount of donations have reached 500 million yen. It was made possible through the corporate and individual donations after various fund raising campaigns. 

One of the major unique features of the project is that even after the completion of all the reforestation related works; we will still continue to commission professional forestry workers to work in the removal of vines and thinning. Besides, we will set up a local organization tentatively named “Association for the Protection of Coastal Forest in Natori City”, and there also entail expenses. 

Regarding the fund-raising target for the remaining 500 million yen of the total project budget of 1 billion yen, we intend to reach out to as many supporters as possible. We are determined to work hard in the field so that the coastal forest in Natori would get more recognition and will encourage support.