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OISCA’s Briefing Session on Natori Coastal Forest Restoration Project

Dec 15, 2016

On December 1, OISCA organized a working-level session to brief on its Coastal Forest Restoration Project in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture at the UA ZENSEN Meeting Hall in Tokyo. The meeting was attended by 19 representatives from 10 private corporations and 4 organizations which have been generously supporting or are planning to support the OISCA project implemented following the earthquake and tsunami disaster of March 2011.

Dr. Kunihiro Seido, OISCA Forestry Technical Advisor, made opening remarks in which he presented an overview of the disaster-stricken area and then briefed on the current progress of the 10-year Coastal Forest Restoration Project as follows:

As of June 2016, a total of 191,303 seedlings of black pine and other species of trees were planted over 36.73 hectares of land out of the total project area: 96.62 hectares covered by the implementing agreements concluded with the national, prefectural and municipal governments. The survival rate of the seedlings planted has recorded 98%.

By the end of March 2016 the project has achieved the following:

lemployed 3,453 people for the reforestation related activities such as raising of seedlings, tree planting, fertilizer application, weeding and other related activities.

lmobilized 1,700 volunteers who have helped in the tree planting and project site maintenance

l500 people visited the project site

l5,000 people joined in the organized seminars and meetings within Japan.

lRaised 44% of the 10 billion yen budget needed for the 10 year project

Mr. Toshimichi Yoshida, OISCA Director in Charge of the Coastal Forest Restoration Project, explained plans for activities in 2017. Next year, seedling-planting is expected to be carried out over additional 36.73 hectares of the project site. Mr. Yoshida mentioned that just like the previous years, corporate and individual volunteers will be accepted for preparatory works of the tree-planting ceremony scheduled for May 20, tree-planting, weeding, fertilizer application, and other works.

Representatives from the supporting companies and organizations reported on how they were involved to the project. The majority of the companies and organizations have donated a large amount of money and dispatched their employees as field volunteers to the project site.

In addition to making direct monetary donations and dispatching volunteers, some corporation and organizations are contributing through their own unique schemes. As for such, Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos Co., Ltd. is promoting the paperless/internet-based reporting to their customers and the money raised/saved from this scheme goes to the project. Meanwhile, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. has conducted mileage donations campaign for the OISCA project while Nikon Corporation prepared free of charge photo panels of the project and sponsored workshops and photo exhibitions in Sendai, Natori and other places. Saitama Toyopet Co., Ltd. donates 50 yen per 100 grams when a customer orders replacing the car engine oil. Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. and its labor union have jointly supported the operation of secretariat at the time of the Osaka Charity Marathon and mobilized charity runners supporting the OISCA project.