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OISCA Supports the Kagawa Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Association

Jul 12, 2016

In June 20016, the Kagawa Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Association was established with the cooperation of OISCA Shikoku Branch based in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture. The inaugural meeting of the Association was graced by H.E. Mme. Rahab Fatima, Bangladesh Ambassador in Japan who delivered a congratulatory speech.

On the occasion of the “Setouchi Triennale 2013” which was held in Kagawa Prefecture, a cumulative total of 2,500 Bangladesh craftsmen and performers who visited Japan for the Bangladesh project of the event stayed for about two months at OISCA Shikoku Training Center. During that period, OISCA Shikoku Branch fully cooperated for the visit of Bangladesh diplomats and parliamentarians. It then led to the start of regular exchanges between Bangladesh and Kagawa Prefecture.

In the meantime, the shocking terrorist attack occurred in Dacca, Bangladesh in early July, and 28 persons including 7 Japanese nationals working there were killed. 

Ambassador Fatima went to the airport when the corpses of the Japanese victims were repatriated back home and attended all the funerals of the victims. 

Later, Mr. Yoshio Ishii, President of OISCA Shikoku Branch and the Kagawa Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Association, and Ms. Mizuho Kakinuma, OISCA Director for Domestic Operations, paid a visit to the Bangladesh Embassy in Tokyo and met with Ambassador Fatima. In the course of the meeting, the Ambassador confided that she had attended the funerals prepared to undergo sharp criticisms and revilement from the Japanese funeral attendees. But there was no one who resorted to such an untoward act. On the contrary, a son of the victims approached the Ambassador and told her in English: “My father loved Bangladesh. I would like to visit Bangladesh in the future”. She was deeply moved by his words. 

Ambassador Fatima also revealed another moving story. An unsigned envelope containing cash money amounting to a few millions of yen was delivered to the mailbox of the Bangladesh Embassy. In the envelope, there was a message saying that “please spend the money for the family members of those Bangladesh people who lost their lives in the terrorist attack”. She strongly believes that the sender must be Japanese. 

The Ambassador told in tears that through these happenings, she has deep respect toward the Japanese people and pledged to strongly support the activities of the Kagawa Japan-Bangladesh Association in order to promote closer relations between the two nations.