Visit to Japan by Children’s Goodwill Ambassadors from 4 Countries under the Children’s Forest Program (CFP)

Aug 31, 2015

From July 30 to August 9, OISCA invited to Japan 8 school children as Children’s Goodwill Ambassadors, 4 coordinators and 2 teachers from India, Malaysia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea and conducted exchange activities in Tokyo, Yamanashi Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture and Hokkaido. 

The 14-member group participated in presentation meetings and exchange programs and also learnt about the Japanese approach for recycling society and the traditional culture through visiting various facilities and field studies. 

In the presentation meeting held on August 4 at the Global Environment Outreach Centre in Tokyo, the children reported on the environmental issues in their respective countries and the specific CFP activities carried out at their schools and in the communities for solving the problems. 

Mr. Saksham Kumar Gaur, 14-years old Indian participant, told: “In order to deal with the worsening environmental pollution and deforestation, my school has been tackling, in addition to tree planting, poster making and awareness activities on the streets. We have been able to make a small progress by telling to the community people about the importance of protecting the environment”. 

Meanwhile, Ms. Cathy Pokana, 14-years old student from Papua New Guinea, revealed the determination to protect their homeland: “In our country, precious biodiversity has been lost due to rampant deforestation and disasters such as landslides and floods are occurring every year. We are diligently planting trees one by one to protect our community and our Earth.”

OISCA will continually present such fresh voices from the field to a larger number of people.