What is OISCA - Recent News - OISCA organized special events on OISCA DAY in Tokyo 


OISCA organized special events on OISCA DAY in Tokyo

Jul 27, 2015

OISCA International organized two major events at the First Members’ Office Building of the House of Representatives in Tokyo on July 23, the OISCA Day which falls on the birthday of its founder, the late Reverend Yonosuke Nakano.

At noon time, the 42nd OISCA Tokyo Forum, a luncheon meeting was held for the purpose of promoting a constructive dialogue and closer working cooperation with representatives from foreign diplomatic missions in Japan. The meeting was attended by H.E. Ambassador Manuel M. Lopez of the Philippines and 11 other officials representing the Embassies of Cambodia, Fiji, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Palau, the Philippines, Timor-Leste and Uruguay. 

Mr. Yasuaki Nagaishi, OISCA Secretary-General, made opening remarks. Afterwards, Dr. Yoshiko Nakano, President of OISCA International, delivered a message in which she expounded the historical backgrounds of OISCA and stressed the significance of the continued activities for agricultural development with special emphasis on organic farming and environmental conservation worldwide despite the prevailing differences of races, religions, political ideologies, languages and cultures.

Mr. Hiroyuki Cho, Director for Research and Study, International Cooperation Division, made a presentation on the up-to-date field activities of OISCA showing visual materials on the specific projects and programs recently carried out in the 6 countries (Fiji, Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines).

In the subsequent open discussions, the foreign Embassy representatives all expressed deep appreciation for OISCA grass-root level assistance. Specifically, the Indonesian diplomat said that he was impressed by the housewife empowerment program now going on at the Training Center in his country. The East Timor representative expressed the hope that OISCA volunteers would be able to assist in capacity building, while the Ethiopian participant wished OISCA to further expand the CFP (Children’s Forest Program) activities in Africa. The Forum was concluded with closing remarks by Mr. Toshihiro Nakano, OISCA Executive Vice-President. 

Later in the afternoon, about 250 people took part in another special event: a ceremony and reception for formally announcing the assumption of the OISCA Japan Presidency by Ms. Etsuko Nakano. She has taken over the functions from Dr. Yoshiko Nakano who will concentrate on her position as the President of OISCA International. In her inaugural speech, the newly appointed OISCA Japan President Etsuko Nakano affirmed that in spite of the enormous responsibilities she inherited from her predecessor, she would try her best to carry on the noble mission of OISCA. 

The participants comprised senior leaders of OISCA regional chapters, representatives from private companies and business organizations supporting OISCA, academics, government officials and also distinguished members of the Association of Japanese Diet Members Supporting OISCA International Activities. Madame Eriko Yamatani, Chairperson of the National Public Security Commission and Minister of State in charge of 4 other portfolios including the Abduction issue in the Abe Cabinet, graced the occasion with a congratulatory speech. She stated that through her previous visits to some OISCA project sites abroad, she duly recognized the importance of the steady field activities and assured that together with her colleagues in the National Diet, she would continue to render as much support as possible to OISCA in the future. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Masatoshi Sato, Chairman of KEIDANREN Committee on Nature Conservation, who represented the business sector, and Mr. Mitsuya Araki, President and Chief Editor, International Development Journal Co., Ltd., representing media, also delivered congratulatory addresses, respectively.