In Indonesia, OISCA’s Researcher Warned ‘Earth System Is Transforming’

Jun 18, 2014

Given the alarming trends in climate and other environmental patterns, OISCA is committed to disseminate the information on ecological changes and propose the ways to minimize the damages that Humanity and Earth’s life system at large are projected to suffer.

In early June, Dr. Yukio Kamino, Senior Researcher & Coordinator of OISCA International, represented this mission by delivering speeches at three public meetings held in Indonesia. All meetings took the form of one-day seminar featuring presentations by a group of multinational scholars. The seminars were held at prominent universities located in three of Indonesia’s famous cities – universities of Trisakti in Jakarta, Padjadjaran in Bandung, and Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta.

Discussions revolved around ‘Sustainability,’ the defining concept for this century. It was explored in terms of 1) the potential contribution from three social sectors – State, Business, and Civil Society – and 2) the role of University in particular. The meeting at Trisakti University illuminated the concept of ‘Sustainable Development’ while the following meeting at Padjadjaran University focused on its concrete manifestation, ‘Sustainable City.’ The last one at Gadjah Mada University concluded by reviewing the outcomes of earlier meetings and building upon them.

Dr. Kamino’s two speeches were respectively titled “Earth System in Transformation I: Changing Human-Nature Relation and Its Implication to Higher Education,” and “Earth System in Transformation II: Global Climate Change, Urban Poor, and Higher Education.” His concluding speech at Gadjah Mada University provoked a number of keen questions from the audience who shared his deep concerns with the anthropogenic transformation of our common home, Mother Earth.

For additional information on his presentation, please access through the link below.