OISCA International South India Chapter to Organize the 11th Annual Top Teen Contest in Kerala State

Feb 13, 2012

A total of 28,000 students participated in the 11th Top Teen Contest organized by the members of OISCA International South India Chapter in South India. The contest is an annual event under the Children Forest Program of OISCA that recognizes, motivates and rewards the outstanding youths both from public and private High Schools in South India.

Outstanding youth students are selected through the preliminary examination with objective type of questions and essay writing contest ranging from various topics which includes Environment, History, Geography, Literature, Art, Culture, and Sports in order to assess the intellectual capacity of the students. The 30 most outstanding students went to final round of test designed to determine the personality traits, leadership qualities and communication skills of the students. Out of the 30 finalists, six students will be selected and are candidate for a full scholarship in OISCA Senior High School in Hamamatsu, Japan as part of the International Education Exchange Program (IEEP).

So far a total of 25 students from Kerala graduated from OISCA Senior High School under the IEEP program. Graduates of the program like Mr. P.K Babil pursue a higher level of education in Japan and now doing his PhD in agriculture and still in contact with OISCA Japan. Other graduates of the program return to India and become core members of the OISCA Youth Forum and support activities of OISCA in India. All of these 25 students were the participants of OISCA Top Teens and underwent the Social Awareness and Leadership Training program (SALT) of OISCA.