OISCA-FIJI 25th Silver Anniversary Celebration

Nov 5, 2015

OISCA-FIJI 25th Silver Anniversary celebration was held on the 8th of October 2015- at Youth Training Center- Nasau.The welcome ceremony performed in Fijian traditional way called “wasei ni yagona vaka turaga“ the celebration organized by the OISCA Ex-trainees and it was graced by the Minister of Youth and Sport

 Mr. Laisenia Tuitobou,Permanent Secretary Joseva Sania- guest from department heads of office in government and private sector, teacher, OBs from Japan, local graduates,as well as the Nasau community- around 150 invited guest who witness the said event.The Minister delivered his speech and congratulate the OISCA- on its existence in Fiji for the past 25 years, the government acknowledge the OISCA contribution in youth development as well as in combating the climate change and a lot of communities benefiting from the coral restoration, mangrove reforestation and tree planting activites that have been currently conducted. For the ex- trainees have done numerous monitoring programme we known that some graduates in Nasau had developed themselves as active members in the society also doing farming and well equipped with the necessary skills needed to be a successful individuals and have been recognized thier contribution when they became recipients of various national award. OISCA and the government will continue and streghten the good collaboration and will work together for the youth and community development in Fiji. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Davend Gounder- Managing Director of Tour Company deliver his message to the participants while citing on his Education background of his connection to OISCA since 1984 when he attended Nishi Nippon Training Center. He reminded the Ex- Trainees, local graduate and also the current trainees that nothing is impossible if we work hard. For Mr. Gounder what he learned from Japan during his training the skills and values contributed towards his success especially in the establishment of the Tour Company. Being in the tourism company discipline, hard work and values was a key tool in managing of the company.

Mr. Philip Samisoni ―CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen- Attended his Basic Agriculture Training Course at Nasau year 1994- He completed his General Agriculture course in year 1995 at OISCA-Nishi Nippon Training Center. OISCA Program was great, empowering the youth, instilling young minds, promoting organic farming and environmental conservation.