What is OISCA - Programs 


  • Children's Forest Program

    It is a program that aims to educate the school children and community people about the environment through hands-on tree planting and other related environmental activities.

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  • Capacity Building Program

    The Capacity Building Program is one of the cornerstones of the OISCA`s Furusato Movement. With its main thrust to empower the youths through hands-on training in agriculture, home economics and technical skills training in the 22 OISCA training centers located in 11 countries including Japan; the graduates of the program are expected to be the leaders and catalyst for change for the development of their own respective communities.

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  • Environmental Conservation Program

    With respect to the interconnectedness of the environment, economic and social development, OISCA is working on environmental mainstreaming through the rehabilitation of upland and coastal forests in collaboration with the grassroots level supplemented with environmental education campaigns including workshops and seminars.

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  • Sustainable Community Development Program

    A bottom-up approach of development with an objective of improving the quality of life of the marginalized people through the provision of livelihood programs in the developing countries.

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